52 percent of people surveyed said pizza was their favourite dish, with 39 percent saying it satisfied them “on an emotional level.”

It’s difficult to find people who don’t like pizza. And here in Italy, pizza-haters are so rare they’re almost mythical.
But the full extent of the country’s love for pizza has been revealed in a study, who surveyed some 2,500 Italians aged 20-55.
52 percent said they ate pizza “at least once a week” and 34 percent said they gave in to the temptation to eat pizza “whenever they wanted.”Most people said they enjoyed sharing, and ten percent said they often have pizza for Sunday lunch. But only four percent said they’d eat pizza every single day.
Proscuitto e funghi, or ham and mushroom, was the most popular pizza topping chosen. A classic margherita was the preferred choice of 27 percent, while 34 percent prefer their pizza piled high with different toppings.

One Italian in ten said pizza made them feel happy 🙂