TWO earthquakes have struck off the coast of Sicily, where the potentially catastrophic Mount Etna – Europe’s largest active volcano – is located.

Seismologists reported 2 quakes in 24 hours – taking the total to 6 in just a Week.
The first came yesterday at 7.22 PM when a magnitude 2.4 rumbled while a 3.2 tremor was recorded in the early hours of this morning at 1.14 am.
Residents of Sicily, an island off the coast of mainland Italy, head felt the effects of five more volcanoes in the five previous days.
While most of the earthquakes were relatively weak, they all came at a shallow depth which can cause more damage than deeper earthquakes.
Earthquakes are nothing to be concerned about, but some seismologists believe that tremors around a volcano could be a precursor of an impending eruption.