Italy’s impromptu singalongs are making world headlines as quarantined Italians rally together songs of hope and solidarity in the face of Coronavirus.

These marvellous events, centred around the slogan Andrà tutto bene (Everything will be all right), have taken place in towns and cities across Italy on recent nights.
The uplifting movement saw widespread participation in Rome yesterday evening, where adults and children took to their windows to wave at each other, play music and sing, swapping fear for hope.
Many joined in rousing renditions of the national anthem, some played the guitar or the trumpet; there was even a performance of Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.

In addition to serving as a reminder of “everything that each of us is doing for the nation”, organisers say the applause is devoted in particular to Italy’s healthcare workers who are serving on the frontline.

Children in Italy have played a central role in the movement, displaying their rainbow paintings outside the family home and delighting in a rousing break from the monotony of being stuck at home.