After the strong earthquake (6.2R) that struck coastal Albania in on 26 November, causing 51 death, in Italy a series of seismic swarms occurred a few hours later.

In many cases with tremors distinctly felt by the population that now understandably is afraid, in the light of the conditions of the buildings that in our country have already proven in many cases not up to the shocks that can occur at any time.
On December 3 we had a magnitude 2.8 earthquake on Etna, which since then has intensified its Strombolian activity with explosions and lava.

In recent days, within a few hours, there was first the shock magnitude 2.8 of Naples and Pozzuoli, caused by bradisismo Campi Flegrei and distinctly felt throughout the Neapolitan hinterland with a grievance up to 5th grade Mercalli.
Then there was the earthquake on Saturday night, in the heart of the Po Valley: 3.2 magnitude south of Verona, distinctly felt as far as Mantua.

Finally, last night, the strong tremors near L’Aquila, magnitude 3.7 and 3.4 the strongest with dozens of minor shocks. The two main were felt even in Rome, Pescara, and Avezzano, but they had a seismic resentment of the 4th grade Mercalli, as well as in L’Aquila, even in Rieti, Terni, Spoleto, and Ascoli Piceno.
The tremors have been felt by thousands of people: a situation in which we should reflect on the alarms launched by the experts in unsuspected times.

Yet that of seismic risk and prevention is a completely foreign topic on the agenda of government and current events in the country’s political debate. Needless to go and pour crocodile tears when the umpteenth tragedy occurs