Italy’s coronavirus death toll has climbed by 766 to 14,681 today, with infections reaching nearly 120,000, though death and infection rates are continuing to slow.

Friday’s figures, revealed by the Civil Protection Agency, are marginally higher than the daily tally of 760 fatalities registered a day earlier. The number of new cases was slightly lower, growing by 4,585 from a previous 4,668, bringing total infections since the outbreak came to light to 119,827.
However, in positive news, today is the 5th consecutive day in which the number of new cases remained within a range of 4,050-4,782, with the government hoping that the epidemic has hit a plateau, ahead of an expected decline in the near future.

Today also saw the joint-lowest percentage rise in new cases at four percent and the lowest percentage rise in new death at five percent.

The daily death toll has been between 727 and 766 for the last three days, down from 837 on Tuesday and a peak of 919 on Friday of last week.
Of those originally infected, 19,758 had fully recovered on Friday, compared to 18,278 the day before. There were 4,068 people in intensive care.