The Orient Express is one of the most romantic trains in the world. Imagine when, in the 1920s, bejeweled passengers in their finery occupied the train’s elegant carriages, sipping champagne while partying their way across Europe.

Soon this legendary train, (Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express), will return  as it did in the 1920s, taking its passengers on a journey, from Venice to London.
From 27 to 29 March 2020, the historic train will leave Venice in the direction of London, on a voyage across the Alps and around mountain lakes, passing through Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and the southern tip of England.
The journey begins at the historic Hotel Cipriani in Venice, where guests will participate in a Great Gatsby style party, before boarding the Orient Express the next morning.
Guests are assigned a double-room cabin, dating from the 1920s, on the 17-carriage train, with surprise parties on board and at venues along the way.The cost – at almost €4,500 per person – includes a night at the Belmond Hotel Cipriani, a party in the hotel, and the trip including all food, drinks and events.