eBay’s great for buying all kinds of stuff – antiques, clothes, electronics, children’s toys, Italian villages…..wait a minute. Italian villages?

Yes, it’s true. An 800-year-old medieval hamlet in Tuscany called Pratariccia has been put up for sale on eBay for 2.5 million euros ($3.1 million).
No one has lived in Pratariccia since the 1960s, which goes some way to explaining the dilapidated condition of the village’s 25 houses – described on the eBay ad as being “in need of restoration.
The village is located in a part of Italy famous for its beautiful countryside, and the historic city of Florence is only 25 miles away.
Τhe real estate agent of the sale has received a fair bit since it went up on eBay.
Rather than in the bidding section, however, the village has been placed in the classified ad pages, under the title “medieval hamlet for sale”.