Conspiracy theorists have been having a field day after a Google Earth user pointed out a mysterious, 400-foot ‘ice ship’ lying 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica.
News of the mysterious discovery was shared by YouTuber MrMBB333, who describes himself as an ‘Earth Watchman’. In a video shared on Friday, August 7, the host directed viewers to an iceberg lying south of New Zealand.

After discussing another patch of ice which he claims shows evidence of walls, entryways and a place to park vehicles, MrMBB333 lead Google Earth to a mound of ice which appears to rise up from the otherwise snow-covered landscape.

As he switched to a 3D view of the scene, the mound took on the shape of a ship, with a line of windows, multiple decks and chimneys.

The formation resembles the side of a ship when it’s being looked at from above, suggesting that if there actually was a vessel there, it would be on its side.

Other people suggested there was a shipwreck under the ice causing the formation, while some speculated the YouTuber might have found Noah’s Ark.