It is a Sicilian Street Food delicacy, a simple, ancient, and cheap but great taste.

250 g flour 2 cups – 250 ml warm water 1 cup
20 ml extra virgin olive oil ~ 1.5 tablespoons
7 g salt 1 teaspoon – Honey 1 teaspoon
7 g yeast powder 1 teaspoon – 20 g black olives 0.7 oz
Rosemary – Coarse salt – 100 g Pecorino cheese 1/2 cup. In the planetary mixer add the flour, yeast powder, honey, and the warm water; mix for at least 15 minutes with the dough hook.

Then add salt, oil, and olives and mix for at least 10 minutes. After that let the dough rest for 3 hours covering the bowl with a kitchen rag until the dough volume raises. Roll it out on a previously greased baking pan.
Press the dough, gently, with your fingertips outwards to the borders. try to avoid popping the air bubbles that have formed inside the dough, makes the focaccia soft.

Add the rosemary and cheese (cut into cubes, and push it into the dough). Bake the Schiacciata at 400F in the preheating oven for 35 min. After letting it cool down on a grill. Brush it with oil, sprinkle it with coarse salt and … Buon Appetito!