Dr. Jacob Glanville, a scientist in California, believes he has found a treatment or coronavirus using antibodies that neutralized SARS in 2002.

Dr Jacob Glanville, CEO of Distributed Bio, is perhaps best known as one of the physicians on the Netflix documentary Pandemic.
‘We are happy to announce we have completed the engineering and we have some very potent antibodies that can be effective against the virus,’ Dr. Glanville said.
He told that his team used five antibodies that neutralized SARS in 2002, and adapted them to attack COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. Coronavirus is believed to be milder than SARS, and it takes longer for symptoms to appear.

But, because they’re cousins, Dr. Glanville says the antibodies that fight against one virus likely work against the other. Dr. Glanville calls the drug his ‘short-term’ vaccine but, unlike a true vaccine, the antibodies only protect someone for 8 weeks.