It has been said for many years that Venice (Venezia) in Italy is sinking, but a new study suggests it could be as soon as 2100.
A recent climate change study has warned that Venice will be underwater by 2100 if the acceleration of global warming is not curbed.
This is because the Mediterranean Sea is expected to rise by up to 140 centimetres (that is over four feet) in the next century.
Our oceans and seas continue to expand as a result of increased concentrations of greenhouse gasses raising the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere.
Right now, Venice is experiencing the highest levels of flooding in four years. It is said to be from strong tides caused by The Bora, a wind from the Northeast.
Rising water levels is something that Venice has been battling for many years, with flooding commonplace; Venetians call it ‘acqua volta’ and it happens in November.