A hilltop fortress town in Spain that cut itself off from the rest of the world in a bid to tackle coronavirus has not recorded a single case among its inhabitants.

Zahara de la Sierra sits high above the Andalusian countryside in southern Spain.  sOn March 14, the day Spain announced it was extending its state of alarm, the town’s mayor, blocked all but one of its five entrances. Since then Spain has recorded more than 117,000 coronavirus cases and 11,000 deaths. But not one single case of COVID-19 has been recorded among Zahara’s 1,400 inhabitants, more than two weeks after the town cut itself off.
Two men wearing protective clothing normally used for spraying the olive groves wash every vehicle that enters with bleach and water. Each vehicle must also drive through a make-shift ditch to disinfect its tires.

Another local business pays two women to deliver groceries and medical supplies to residents for around 11 hours a day.