A double earthquake stroke Albania on Saturday afternoon, caused panic among the locals and was felt also in Central and South Italy.

The 1st earthquake occurred at 5:30 in the afternoon. The tremor had a magnitude of 5.8R and a depth of 10km. Its epicenter was in Durres west from the capital Tirana.
The second occurred 11 minutes later, with 5.3R. This tremor was weaker than the first but increased the panic among the locals. Two more tremors with the strongest 4.4 R occured until 8 o’ clock in the evening.
According to latest information, at least 105 people were injured the majority of them after they were hit by falling objects or they suffered panic attacks.
It is not clear whether there are fatalities. Until late in the evening residents of Tirana and surrounding areas remained in the streets fearing more tremors.
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The tremors caused immense material damage with reports that 10 buildings were collapsed in a village near Tirana. In Tirana many buildings were cracked.

The quake was felt at a radius of at least 250 kilometers and was β€œthe strongest of the last 20-30 years in Albania”, according to the defense ministry. Both earthquakes were felt also in Central-South Italy like in Lecce and Bari.