The general consensus that we’ve lived most of our lives by is that the ancient civilizations didn’t possess any technology whatsoever, which should be a no brainer by now if you were to follow the media and only that.

But, the more time passes the more we find out that that might not have been the case. Near the coast of Great Britain for example we discovered an extremely old and ancient shipyard and inside a strange object was retrieved.
This object is believed to be well over 8,000-year-old by now and according to experts, they are fragments that belong to a wooden platform near the Isle of Wight.
After studying it very closely they concluded that it does not make sense, because the technology needed here far exceeds what the ancient civilizations had at hand.

Modern wood processing technologies weren’t even a mere thought back then. This is definitive proof that the ancient civilizations definitely weren’t as primal as we thought them to be.