Temperatures everywhere are forecast to drop sharply over the last days of October, according to Meteo.it, and could fall by as much as 12 degrees Celsius in the north, where parts of the mountains are expected to see snowfall.

Italian Summer is coming to an end, but not before a final weekend of sultry weather.
Those frustrated with the torrid heat that has marked the Italian summer so far will be able to breathe a sigh of relief come Sunday, when temperatures will drop sharply.
The heat will be brought in by Africa which is set to displace the cyclone in the Tyrrhenian Sea that has been causing bad weather in Central Italy and Sardinia.However, starting Sunday Cold blowing winds will sweep across Northeastern Italy and move South across the peninsula, causing a drop of 10-15 °C in temperature and triggering thunderstorms, hailstorms and Snow.
By Tuesday the entire country will be experiencing Winter like weather that is likely to fall below seasonal averages, according to meteorologists.