While exploring the villages of the Amalfi Coast, Voyagers are certain to notice that the lemons there are larger than they are used to.

They are sure to come across the Sfusato lemon and will be further shocked when they are confronted with the giant-sized, Cedro Citron variety of lemons.
They are beastly looking things, with a pebbly surface, strange shapes with a large nipple at one end, and are often as big as your head!.
Cedri are primarily found in Italy, from the Italian Riviera down to the Amalfi Coast, though they are occasionally spotted in France, Isreal and even Britain. There are 3 different citron types: acidic, non-acidic and pulpless.Cedro citrons are usually up to three to four times the length of common lemons and can measure between 10 and 15 inches in diameter..
They can weight up to 3-4 pounds each. The pebbly surface ripens from green to a bright yellow–both colors can be harvested, the peak season being fall and winter.

In its center is a small amount of segmented pulp with a few pale seeds. This lemon is fairly dry and not used for its juice and the taste is milder than a common lemon.