The Winner is, of course, Russia, at least its European part, with -58.1 °C. Other “-50 °C or lower” members are Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

While Iceland is even further north, its Atlantic ocean-driven climate leaves the record at -37.9 °C, therefore ranking it lower than other countries.
Similar effects are the reasons why Denmark, the NetherlandsBelgium and Luxembourg, the UKIreland, and Portugal have, as a result, relatively high minimum recorded temperatures.
FranceGermanyAustriaItaly, and Switzerland are pretty cold – all below -40 °C, with Italydropping down to -49.6 °C. Spain holds a record of -32 °C degrees measured in the Pyrenees mountain range.Further down to the south, Greece recorded -27.8 °C., while Cyprus recorded -16 °C as its lowest temperature ever recorded. Location? Mount Olympus. How fitting!
So the only European country whose lowest recorded temperature doesn’t come below 0 °C is Malta with mild +1.4 °C degrees. That’s almost 60 degrees (59.5 °C) difference between the Russian and Maltese records.