Due to its natural beauties, taly has become the ultimate touristic destination.

The Italians are known for their hospitability but do not get on their nerves!
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re angry or just really, really happy to see you.
Here’s how to get Italians to go from merely excitable to downright incazzato.
1) Correct pronunciation
Try to learn at least the basics before your arrival here. The country of Italy is pronounced “E taly” and not “eye taly”.
2) Disrespect
The Italians are always very communicative and open minded people. Show them respect and they will remember you forever.
3) The “Sauce” or “Gravy” debate
The food is number one priority for all the Italians. If you are visiting the country, make sure that you have understood the difference between “sauce” and “gravy”.
4) People who aren’t loyal
Italians are people, who communicate, love and trust with all their heart. Do not try to tell them a lie or be disloyal.
5) When the waiter does not leave the Parmesan cheese
The Italians love their food. That is why they go to restaurants and eat without complaining about the prices. Do not take them their Parmesan, though! They will become furious.
6) When your name gets pronounced incorrectly
The Italian language is very difficult to pronounce especially for the tourists that are coming from northern countries, like Germany. Therefore, their names are often mispronounced.

7) The Jersey Shore and Mafia stereotypes
Everyone have stereotypes. The most common stereotypes for Italy are referring to the Mafia. Please, do not make the mistake to talk about it.
8) Anyone who messes with a family member
Family is the most sacred thing for Italians. They believe and love their family and that is why they do not stand even the thought of someone messing with them.
9) People who say there is too much garlic
Garlic is the main ingredient for almost all the dishes in Italy. If you are going to be there as a tourist, get used to it and do not complaint!
10) Olive Garden
This restaurant is not so popular in the country. If you are accidentally visited the restaurant do not tell any Italian friends of yours.