December begins the same as November, or with bad weather: a new disturbance is affecting Tuscany and, as usual, the Tyrrhenian regions most exposed.

Among the most affected areas from this night onwards intense rains and even stationary storms are taking place, are Lucca, Pistoia and the northern Apennines
Rain accumulations are recorded locally between 40 and 70 mm, but we must also consider the deficit state in which there are rivers and mountains, now saturated with the previous disturbances.

There are many inconveniences between Prato and Pistoia: several streams are overflowing, while they overflow the manholes and the sewers. There are dozens of flooded houses, closed underpasses, and broken streets.
Among the most affected areas we find the plain between Pistoia sud and Agliana: Ramini, Nespolo, Badia a Pacciana. The municipalities of Agliana and Montale are heavily hit, especially the lower areas such as Catena, Spedalino, Stazione.