Italy’s rails is quite extensive–but less expensive than most European rails.

Your friends might tell you that the only way to see Italy is by car, but we guarantee you won’t be bored with the places you can see by train.
The Turin to Venice route in itself passes through many compelling cities, including Milan, Brescia, Verona, and Padua to name a few.
High-speed rail as provided by Italy’s new trains can get you from city center to city center in much less time door-to-door than taking a flight.
In general, train travel in Italy is less expensive than other countries in Europe. Most seasoned travelers just buy point-to-point rail tickets.
For more detailed information on Italy’s rail system, and to buy tickets, see the Trenitalia site. If you are planning a European trip by train, you might consult the German DB Bahn site.
You can see timetables, get special offers as well as information on trains and ships. Trains on Sardinia and Sicily are slower than trains on the continent.