Fear in Liguria, precisely in the stretch of highway between Ovada and Masone (Genoa) where the roof of a tunnel suddenly collapsed on the roadway.

The accident took place in the Bertè tunnel, in the stretch between the exits of Ovada and Masone on the A26 towards Genoa. The collapse aroused much fear and panic among the cars that passed through the tunnel in those moments.
Fortunately, there are no injuries, victims or cars involved. Following the collapse, the section from Masone to the junction A26 / 10 was closed, with a mandatory exit at Masone. The closure of the motorway has created significant inconvenience for traffic to Genoa and Savona: a queue of about a kilometer has formed on the spot.
The causes of the collapse are still uncertain, but a weakening of the structure following the heavy rains of the last few weeks cannot be excluded.