After suffering centuries of flooding, Venice held back the sea for the first time in 1,200 years in October, thanks to the activation of its long-awaited flood barriers.

In the 2 months since its introduction, at the start of what would traditionally be the flooding season, the barrier system, Known as MOSE, has been successfully activated five times — including for a 3-day period last week.
But on Tuesday, the barriers were not raised, and the city flooded again. St Mark’s Square, one of the lowest parts, was particularly badly hit, with water thigh deep.
The Basilica of St Mark, which dates back to the 11th century, suffered “serious damage”, on the board of the procurators of St Mark’s, who oversee the church. The church is still recovering from last year’s flood, the saltwater from which has eaten away at the marble-clad interiors. Even once the flood has dried up, marble absorbs the salt, degrading the stone as it goes.