The popular tourist hotspot has been warned there will be further high tides of 105cm at 11.15 am tomorrow Friday, November 29. Three of the worst ten floods to hit Venice since records began have happened in a week.

The high tide of 121cm was reached at 10.30 am on Wednesday morning. At 140cm, 90 percent of Venice is flooded and 80cm is the height of St Mark’s Square and from when flooding occurs. Tourists have been forced to wear high boots to wade through the water to view its canals, architecture, and art.
On November 12, over 80% of the city was flooded. According to the Italian press, the high tide is being reinforced by strong storms in the area of the Adriatic.
Two weeks ago an elderly man died in Venice when he was struck by lightning while he was using an electric water pump. The coast guard has dispatched extra boats to serve as water ambulances to help people.
A project to protect the city was launched in 2003, but it has been hit by rising costs and delays. The increase in sea level in Venice is partly due to climate change and partly due to subsidence so because the land around Venice is getting lower.