Italy is bracing for a multi-day severe weather that is expected to take place the coming days, causing temperatures to drop up to 10˚C in some areas.

Extreme weather ranging from severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and hail to heavy mountain snowfall has been forecast for Wednesday and Thursday.
The entire country will be affected by the storm system, with central and northern Italy expected to be impacted the most.
Thunderstorms will bring the risk of flash flooding in these areas. Further north, prolonged moderate to heavy rainfall is expected in Genoa, Milan and Venice.

Rainfall of 25 to 75 millimetres is expected in urban areas, while the foothills of the Alps are expected to receive up to 200 millimetres.
Areas at the foothills of the Alps may also experience travel disruption due to mudslides, as the heavy rain combines with snowmelt. A separate storm will cause downpours in southern Italy on Friday and Saturday, with a risk of flash flooding.