Cala Mariolu beach, Sardinia

This beach can only be accessed by boat.

The sea is punctuated with little rock islands, so it’s an interesting setting to explore whether you’re swimming or scuba diving.

Tropea beach in Calabria

You can access beaches all along the coastline which is known as Costa degli Dei and they are absolutely worth it.

Cefalu beach in Sicily

An ideal destination for holiday-makers wanting to combine a town and beach break.

Porto Cesareo beach, Apulia

With gorgeous shallow clear waters belong to the coast of Apulia in south-east Italy, this is an incredible place to visit.

Anzio beach, Lazio

Just 40km from Rome, the beach here offers a welcome break from the busy City.

Fetovaia beach, Elba Island, Tuscany

The sea is shallow here, and boats are not allowed in the bay, so it is a perfect safe environment for families with young children.

Vernazza beach, Cinque Terre

Vibrant Vernazza is one of the five ancient villages of the Cinque Terre in Liguria. You can swim near the boats with the pretty houses as a colorful backdrop.

La Pelosa, Sardinia

Shallow, turquoise waters which are always calm and clear, and very fine white sand, this beach is close to perfection.

Pineto beach, Abruzzo

A clean, wide, safe beach on the Adriatic coast, surrounded by scented pine trees which give the village its name.