Despite its high cost of living, Singapore is considered one of the best places to reside, providing the best environment quality.

It’s known as the “fine” city because of its strict regulations, such as spitting, smoking on the street, or chewing a gum.

The Bahamas

Except its tropical savanna climate, the Bahamas is a combination of a tax haven country and relatively low living cost, compared to other Caribbean islands.

In order to elude the tax, you just have to move in specific areas of the country.

Hong Kong

Regarded as one of the most famous food and amusement centers in Asia, Hong Kong provides a plethora of investment income.


Considering Monaco is the richest country in the world, this city-state is the top recommended country to start a new life.

Renowned as rich people’s tax haven, Monaco features stable principality politic, and high investment security.

Canary Islands

Canary Islands are one of the most popular sun, sand and sea holiday destinations. Many people know them as the place to go for year-round sunshine.

Are you fed up from freezing winters? In just a few hours flight these Islands, can be your new paradise!


Indonesia is another ideal place especially in Bali where the living cost is low. Bali has a moderate rent fee is average, but the cost of property is quite high.


Jamaica is the Country and the land of natural beauty featuring amazing sandy beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, and a unique culture.

However, like every country, Jamaica has its own disadvantages, like its high crime level, and the corrupt bureaucracy.


Amsterdam City in Netherlands is one of the most favorited destinations for expatriates, probably due to its liberal policies.

The living cost for expatriates is high, but if you love cycling, and friendly environment, Netherlands can provide you with great social life.


A Mediterranean climate…fresh, simple, delicious cuisine…culture that surrounds you…wine, the very best of it If this sounds like your paradise.


Although Greece has one of the highest unemployment rates, particularly for young adults, this country boasts an undoubtedly influential cultural heritage.

Also the country has a free-market economy, which combined with its low cost of living, makes it one of the best places to live.