re you looking for an Italian name for your baby girl? In this video you can watch some of the most beautiful baby girl names straight from Italy.
Get inspiration from the motherland of pizza! Choose from 10 of Italian baby names and reveal their origins, meanings and extraordinary backgrounds!
Other popular GIRLS NAMES: Alessia, Francesca, Chiara, Flavia, Giada, Marina, Lucia, Emilia, Siena, Gaia, Viola, Carina, Bianca, Ilaria, Elisabetta, Cinzia, Valentina, Renata, Giulia, Amalia, Eleonora, Grazia, Stella, Caterina, Benedetta, Lia, Paola, Luciana, Ginevra, Serafina, Margherita, Aria, Silvia, Pia, Antonia