Honokalani Beach, Maui

If you have visited many beaches, the Honokalani Beach is one that you can consider a photographer’s dream. Its sandy beach is actually composed of tiny lava pebbles.

You can even find lava tubes along the seaside and some sea caves along the shore.

Pansy Island Mozambique

Located in the Bazaruto Archipelago, Pansy Island has increasingly become so popular among the group of six islands.

With only four islands inhabited, Pansy Island is only considered a sandbar in which popular resorts can manage private lunch excursions into this island.

Anse Lazio, Seychelles

This beach is located on the tip of the Praslin Island, which is known as the most beautiful beach in Seychelles. In fact, it is the most photographed beach.

Anse Lazio is also finged with leafy takamaka trees and swaying palms, along the broad and long beach with shockingly blue waters and velvety sand.

Honopu Beach Kauai

This beach is considered very difficult to reach. In fact, it is accessible via water.Those who are interested can swim remotely from a boat or from the Kalalau, its neighboring beach, which should be a quarter of a mile long.

Sunset Beach in Oahu Hawaii

If you love watching big waves during winter, the Sunset Beach should be your next destination. It boasts calm waters that should go as the lake in the summertime,

..which should be a great place for snorkeling. The sunsets here are ideal for visitors.

Ipanema beach, Rio, Brazil

Beach Lovers surely can’t get enough of other beaches until they visit Ipanema. Found in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, this beach is so lively with majestic views.

Blue Beach in Vieques in Puerto Rico

Considered one of the top beaches in the Caribbean, the Blue Beach or La Chiva offers a thin stretch of crystal clear water and perfect sand.

Praia Mole in Florianopolis in Brazil

The Praia Mole has become one of the coolest beaches in Brazil. Thanks to the attractive and young surfers and paragliders.

Matira Beach in Bora Bora

It is arguably the most popular beach in Tahiti. It boasts a mile-long powdery white sand that slopes gently into the emerald lagoon.

Matira Beach is also backed by a think tropical foliage and curtain of palms.

El Nido, Palawan

Found in the Philippines in the archipelago of Palawan, El Nido is home to some fifty white-sand beaches.

Each of these beaches are set around limestone formations with the whitest sands that ever seen. With blue waters, it might make the Caribbean Sea look murky.