In the weeks leading up to her 103rd birthday, a South Carolina woman recently offered her advice on living a long life: “Have a beer.”

Mildred Bowers of Mount Pleasant, SC, celebrated the big occasion a little early at a local restaurant, where friends ordered her a pint of her favorite beverage.
Known as ‘Millie’ to her friends and family, the centenarian wasn’t shy about her secret to longevity. “Have a beer,” she said in an interview. “Doctor’s orders.”
And it looks like she tends to follow her own advice. Bowers is allowed to enjoy a cold one every day at an assisted living facility.
Although she also attributes her long life to good genes, it sounds likeย the senior facility is going to need a keg soon. She turns 103 on August 31st.

This might be wishful thinking, but maybe they’re onto something, guys. Cheers.ย