Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic in Italy, a total of 105,792 people have contracted the COVID-19 virus. 4,023 patients more than yesterday, with a percentage increase of 3.9%.

Of these 105, 792 cases, 12,428 people have died (+837, + 7.2%) and 15,729 have been hospitalized (+1.109, + 7.6%). On a brighter note, 15,729 people have recovered from Coronavirus, an additional 1,109 more than yesterday.
“The increase in the number of patients affected by COVID-19 is slowing down: from 1,276 on 26 March, to 409 yesterday, to 397 today.
In intensive care, the daily patient increase was 120 on March 26th, today it’s 42, “said Roberto Bernabei of the Scientific Technical Committee in a press conference held this evening by the Protezione Civile (Civil Protection).