The oldest person in Europe passed away last week at the age of 116.

Giuseppina Projetto lived in Italy from her birth in 1902 until her death on July 6. She was the second oldest living person in the world when she died.
Known as the “nonna of Italy,” Projetto credited her long life to eating chocolate every day and a positive attitude.
Now in her place, there’s another Italian as Europe’s oldest woman and the third-oldest woman in the world. (The two frontrunners both live in Japan.)
Maria Giuseppa Robucci is 116 years old and lives in Sardinia. In 2015, she gained the title of Italy’s oldest mayor when she was made honorary mayor of Poggio Imperiale.
Robucci’s advice for longevity is less fun than Projetto’s, but backed by science. Robucci said that by abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes, she reached her old age.
This is despite the fact she used to manage a bar with her husband, who died in 1982.

Robucci has five children, nine grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren. She also told the local paper Foggia Today that she loves to eat bread and tomatoes.