The Italian government has been left astounded by the response to its “extraordinary appeal” to create a task force of 300 doctors to help its embattled hospitals cope with the Coronavirus in the north of the country.

7,923 doctors answered the call, a response hailed as “an act of love and pride for our country” by Italy’s minister for regional affairs Francesco Boccia, with Italian premier Giuseppe Conte describing the doctors as “heroes in white coats.”
The government’s appeal was a response to the “cry of alarm” launched by the hospitals in Italy’s regions most affected by the Coronavirus, “where doctors, nurses are working tirelessly in difficult conditions to assist the sick”.
The prime minister described the surge of interest by doctors as “a strong sign of solidarity and a spirit of service which once again testifies to the extraordinary courage of the national community.”

A total of 19 doctors have died in the Coronavirus emergency.