A Mediterranean Cyclone – is on course to strike Italy in the next 24 hours as parts of the country are warned of torrential rainfall and intense winds.

The storm, often called a “Medicane” (Mediterranean + hurricane) has many features similar to tropical hurricanes and typhoons.
Bad weather will arrive in Italy tomorrow, (24/10/2019), hitting Sardinia, Piedmont and Liguria in the morning very heavily, then spreading to Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, & Lazio region in the afternoon.
For these 8 regions, the risk of heavy floods is very high. These powerful storms usually happen during September and October, when sea surface temperatures in the Mediterranean are still quite warm, although they can occur at any time of year.
The rainfall will be focused across eastern Sardinia, Sicily as well as over Calabria and Puglia regions – more than seven inches will be possible until Friday morning.