After a 2 year absence, the town that was devastated by an earthquake is welcoming the festival which celebrates a pasta sauce to which it lent its name!

The celebration of the recipe is returning to its roots after a two year hiatus.
The town of Amatrice in Lazio, which was struck by a devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake in which 299 people were killed on August 24th, 2016,
…will once again come alive with the rich scents of tomato, olive oil, local pork, pepper, pecorino cheese and white wine. Amatriciana, one of Italy’s most famous pasta sauces, takes it name from the quake-affected region. The festival has been running for more than a half century and is organised by the local ‘proloco,’ the community.
This year’s poignant celebration includes 19 different live events, including a series of jazz concerts under the banner of ‘Italian jazz for the earthquake regions’.

Concerts will take place in Amatrice on September 1st as part of a solidarity tour by musicians, which has the support of Italy’s Ministry of Culture.