Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli wowed crowds in New York last week when he went busking in the city in order to raise money for its homeless people.

After hearing about the tough conditions New York’s thousands of  homeless face each day, the top-selling artist took to Times Square with an acoustic guitar to perform a mini-unplugged concert for a homeless charity.
Crowds of stunned passers-by stopped to listen as Bocelli belted out the traditional Italian song ‘Mamma son tanto felice’.
Some members of the crowd filmed the rendition on their mobile phones and a version of the video was uploaded to the immediately on internet.Bocelli’s impressive vocals helped to raise over $500 in just a few short minutes, which he gave to a homeless charity along with a personal donation.
Bocelli is renowned for his philanthropic & charitable work, which he carries out through his foundation. He is also known to make impromptu musical gestures.