On an early morning in Kenya, wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach was amazed to witness a huge herd of wildebeest out grazing the savanna.

He took hundreds of photos as the group, likely over 1,000 individuals, ate their breakfasts.

After the shoot, Gerlach was looking through the pictures when he realized that one animal in the massive crowd was not like the others. It was a single — and very stealthy — zebra.
With black and white stripes against a pale yellow savanna, zebras are probably the last animal most people would think of when it comes to blending in. But this sneaky animal is proving everyone wrong.

Can you spot her? (Click the picture to see the full-size image!)

Look closely near the left side, and you’ll see a black and white tail peeking out among the crowd.
The picture has surely confused the world on whether zebras are born to blend in or stand out — but luckily for this one, she’s chosen just the right crowd to hang around with.