While in the South still strong winds of the Mistral wind are blowing, they are causing very violent sea storms especially on the Tyrrhenian Calabria, in fact, the temperatures are increasing as if we were in Spring.

The situation is already reversed over most of Italy: in the Center / North a strong sun shines everywhere, except in Tuscany where the hot-humid flow from the West is causing the formation of low humidity clouds. In Sardinia, after yesterday’s storm, you can go to the beach: we have +23°C in Barisardo, +22°C in Cala Ginepro, +21°C in Pala-Agumu and Orosei, +20°C in Macchiareddu, Capoterra, Villaputzu and Uta, +19° C in Cagliari, Carbonia, Quartu Sant’Elena, Olbia and Iglesias. It is very hot even in Ionian Sicily: Catania is already at +20°C, with peaks of +22° C in the eastern Etna hinterland.
In the coming days it will be even hotter: the Sub-Tropical Anticyclone will determine a long period with exceptionally higher temperatures than the averages of the period not only in Italy but also in the Balkans and in Central Europe.

Between Sunday 15, Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 we will reach +24° C on most of Sicily, with peaks of +23°C in Puglia and Calabria and +22°C also in Abruzzo, Molise, and Puglia. Temperatures will exceed +20°C also in Lazio and Campania.

The latest mid-term updates confirm a warm weather also for Christmas.