Coronavirus cases in Italy have soared in the past week, with 12 people killed and 322 infected. Regions in Italy have been on lock-down and tourists who have visited the country have been warned to self-isolate.

The Italian Prime Minister has introduced “extraordinary measures” in a bid to control the rampant spread of coronavirus across Italy. 
Italy has become the first European country to deal with a significant outbreak of coronavirus, which first started in Wuhan City, China, in December.

Travelers, particularly at risk, include anyone who traveled north of Pisa.
The government has asked those who visited this region to stay home for 14 days if they develop flu-like symptoms.
On Wednesday morning, Italian authorities confirmed a 12th person had died from coronavirus in northern Italy.  Italy has put these 11 towns, on lockdown. Police have been stationed at checkpoints around the towns under quarantine.