Italy now has around 1,700 confirmed cases of coronavirus with the number of fatalities standing at 34. Some 16 regions are affected after the country saw a huge surge in cases over the weekend, as this map shows.

Which regions of Italy are affected by the coronavirus? Most Italian regions have under 50 confirmed cases. Only Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna have a high number of cases as the map below shows.
There are some discrepancies around where the 34 deaths have taken place with figures slightly different according to different sources.

But it’s clear that most of the victims to have died from the virus in Italy were in Lombardy, where the outbreak began 10 days ago.
Lombardy’s main city is Milan, but it also homes to tourist towns like Bergamo and Como. There have also been fatalities in the regions of Veneto and Emilia Romagna. All of those patients who died were elderly, many with underlying health problems.

The overall figure for the number of cases includes around 60 patients deemed to have recovered from the virus. According to the WHO, more than 80 percent of patients infected with the virus have mild disease and recover.

These figures below are the latest for the number of coronavirus cases per region, including deaths. Lombardy is still the worst-hit region.