Morgan, a proud mom to five 4-legged friends, wasn’t planning to have a new cat, but a little kitten found her way into her home. A few months ago, Morgan heard a kitten’s meows coming from outside her farm.

“We tried calling for her but could not find her in the thick layer of trees out behind our farm,” Morgan told Love Meow. “We took one of our big cats out to where she was crying, and he sniffed her right out. She was in a little tree stump.”
They decided to leave the kitten in the spot to see if her cat mom would return while monitoring her. After a few hours, they knew they had to intervene.
They named the kitten Polly, got her a much-needed bath and removed all the pesky fleas off her coat. Paxton (aka Pax), the 12-year-old resident dog, heard the kitten’s squeaks and came to check on her.

The gentle giant immediately took to the little feline and started caring for her.
The kitten was drawn to the warmth and nuzzled into his fur for comfort. She stopped crying, curled up next to him and went right to sleep.

The tiny bundle of fur didn’t want to be alone again, and Pax never left her side.
Polly follows her best friend everywhere around the house, like his little shadow.
The former stray has grown into a rambunctious kitten, full of mischief. Pax lets her play and wrestle with his tail and never gets tired of her many antics.