The Spanish heatwave has verified across the Iberian peninsula this weekend, as a large omega blocking pattern has established and is resulting in a significant warm advection into southwestern Europe.

Many weather stations reported mid 30s peak afternoon temperatures yesterday, Sunday. It was 35 °C in parts of Portugal and up to +36 °C in Cordoba and Sevilla, in Spain! Another very hot day is today and possibly tomorrow!
A deep and large upper low is located over the Azores, while high-pressure system strengthening over the Iberian peninsula, France, and the UK. This has then resulted in very warm and stable weather across western Europe.
Tabular data by the Spanish meteorological AEMET agency:
+36.5 °C – Las Cabezas de San Juan (Sevilla)
+36.0 °C – Córdoba Aeropuerto (Córdoba)
+35.9 °C – Almonte (Huelva)
+35.8 °C – Tomares, Zaudín (Sevilla)
+35.7 °C – Sevilla Aeropuerto (Sevilla)
+35.5 °C – Fuentes de Andalucía (Sevilla)
+35.4 °C – Morón de la Frontera (Sevilla)
+35.2 °C – Andújar (Jaén)
+35.2 °C – Carmona (Sevilla)
+35.0 °C – Granada Aeropuerto (Granada)