THE heatwave cooking Spai and Portugal could spread into the rest of countries of Europe, sparking wildfires, thunderstorms and even droughts.

Spanish people face temperatures exceeding 45C and it could get even hotter on the continent, with the mercury topping a blistering 48C in the coming days.
Experts at AccuWeather say southern France and northern Italy will experience the most intense heat, raising fears this summer could be even worse.
Temperatures are expected to soar well past 42C in Lyon and Toulouse, France, and the Italian city of Florence and Berlin, Germany.The Spanish capital of Madrid is expected to reach 45C as early as next week while Athens, in Greece, could get as hot as 41C.
Eastern Europe will also be lashed with violent thunderstorms, sparked by the mixture of “unseasonable warmth” and “moist air from the Med”.

It means nations including Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus and Lithuania could be hit with violent deluges which cause flash flooding.