ITALY has been struck by a 5.2 magnitude earthquake in the central region of Molise, a popular holiday hotspot on the eastern Italian coast…

The shock sparked fears over active volcano Vesuvius in the city of Naples.
Francesca Bianco, director of the Vesuvius Observatory, told press agency Ansa she has received floods of phone calls from worried residents.
Mount Vesuvius is located on the Gulf of Naples, about 9km east of Naples and a short distance from the shore. Vesuvius is the only volcano on Europe mainland.The shock was felt in Naples and the Vesuvius hinterland as well as in the close cities of Avellino and San Giorgio del Sannio.
The Neapolitan Fire Brigade Operations Room was also stormed by calls. At the moment no damage has been reported in Naples.

Residents of the town of Palata, close to the epicentre of the earthquake, have reported slight damage to their homes and cracks on buildings.