Ferrero, a global confectionery company and the maker of Nutella®, The Original Hazelnut Spread®, is pleased to announce that it will officially open the doors of the highly-anticipated Nutella Cafe New York to the public.

The permanent cafe brings to life an authentic Nutella experience all year-round with a menu of Nutella-centric dishes and specialty espresso beverages.
Located at 13th Street and University Place near Union Square, Nutella New York is the second Nutella restaurant owned and operated by the company in the U.S.
With delicious cuisine on every corner, residents of the Big Apple are no strangers to food that inspires and delights.The menu at the Nutella Cafe New York will excite guests with an assortment of tasty all-day dishes like freshly baked breads, pastries, breakfast specials, desserts and gelato – all incorporating Nutella® hazelnut spread.
Menu highlights include Chicago fan favorites like the Pound Cake Panzanella and Grilled Baguette, along with several items which are exclusive to New York.

The Nutella Cafe New York is located at 116 University Place.