Christmas is finally almost here! Wherever you are celebrating this year, you may be interested in reading these popular Italian sayings about Christmas.

1)Natale con i tuoi, pasqua con chi vuoi.
This expression means that we should spend Christmas with our parents and our family. Whereas it’s fine to spend Easter with whoever you would like to.
2) Natale viene una volta all’anno; chi non ne approfitta, tutto va a suo danno.
This is an encouragement to make the most of Christmas. It means that Christmas comes just once a year, for those that don’t make the most of it – it’s their loss.
3) A natale, freddo cordiale
This expression is about the temperature outside – at Christmas time it can be cold, but generally it is absolutely not freezing cold.
4)Panettone, più torrone, più capitone, più cenone, uguale a indigestione
Of course, we had to have a Christmas saying about food! This one is about eating too much and having indigestions. Literally it means Panettone, and nougat, and a large eel, and a Christmas dinner, means you’ll have indigestion!
5) L’epifania, tutte le feste porta via
This saying is for the end of the holidays.
It means that when epiphany comes, all the holidays go away. It’s the end of the Christmas break and time to go back to school and work!

6) Buon natale and felice anno nuovo!
This means ‘merry Christmas and a happy new year’ in Italian.
And finally, one you can use for Christmas and new year – Auguri! Best wishes!