A photograph of a flamingo walking across a road on the Italian island of Sardinia has gone viral, however, the image has also attracted widespread suspicion on social media, with many people suggesting it is photoshopped.

The photographer, Mauro Marruco, told TG Videolina that he saw the exotic bird crossing a street that divides the Molentargius wetlands in Quartu S. Elena, as he was driving at around 22.00 last night.
Marruco insisted on TG Videolina that the image was real, showing another slightly out-of-focus shot that he says he took of the same bird.
Marruco told ANSA: “I had to stop the car because the flamingo was right in the middle of the road. As if nothing had happened, it continued to walk across and at that moment I took the photo.” Photo Mauro Marruco / L’Unione Sarda