An oven company is on the hunt forΒ pizza testers who’ll get paid up to $1,000 per dayΒ to make and sample different pies from the comfort of their own kitchens.

Ooni, the company that makes a line of slick portable wood-fired pizza ovens, is hiringΒ  people for pizza testers to help them develop recipes and test products.
The jobs, which are part-time, freelance positions, are open to anyone, anywhere because testers will be conducting their work remotely using their own Ooni ovens.
Besides the cash and oven, Ooni will also front the bill for all ingredients used to make they pizza and won’t take it out of the day rate.So, all in all, that’s a pretty good gig considering they’re essentially covering meal costs for a couple days every month.
So, what’ll it take to land the job? No1, they’re looking for people who simply love pizza, and want to make the opportunity open to pretty much anyone.