As summer draws near, quarantined Italians are starting to think about the beach and wondering to what extent the nationwide Coronavirus lockdown and travel limitations will affect the holiday season.

If the restrictions are lifted in time for summer, will people be allowed to go to the beach and, if so, what will that new reality look like?
A company near Modena, in the Emilia-Romagna, has drawn up plans that have shocked many people keen for a return to the normality of a summer trip to the sea.
Nuova Neon Group Due, which has been busy coming up with plexiglass screens for use in pharmacies and banks as Italy prepares for “Phase Two” of the COVID-19 emergency, decided to test the waters with a proposal for the beach.

The transparent units would be built using 2-meter high walls made of plexiglass, measuring 4.5 meters on each side, and open on top, according to renderings published by Italian newspaper La Repubblica.