In the footage, a man speaking Italian zooms in the newspaper of Bergamo, a city about 30 miles northeast of Milan, in the hard-hit Lombardy region.

After showing the date of the paper, Feb. 9, he turns to the obituaries to reveal a page and a half of death notices published. On that date, Italy had recorded just three confirmed cases of the disease caused by the new coronavirus.He then holds up an edition of the same newspaper from March 13, when the total number of cases had skyrocketed to 17,600, including 1,266 deaths. Slowly turning the pages and counting, he shows 10 full pages of obituaries.
The video was posted by Giovannia Locatelli on his Facebook page, which says that he is from Cerete, a town about 25 miles northeast of Bergamo. It appears the video is a repost, but it’s not clear who the creator was.