Doctors at the center of the coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy have spoken out about the struggles they face daily to help the huge number of patients.

As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirusΒ continues to rise across Italy, doctors at hospitals in Italy region hit hard by the outbreak, have described how the crisis is pushing hospitals and staff to breaking point.
In an emotional Facebook post, Dr. Daniele Macchini, an Intensive Care Unit physician in Bergamo, near Milan, shared how the exhausted staff is facing a constant battle to save a growing number of patients as hospitals work “at 200% capacity”.
He pleaded with people across Italy to respect the quarantine rules, saying: β€œBe patient, you can’t go to the theatre, museums or the gym. Try to have pity on the myriad of old people you could exterminate.”

Doctors who move beds and transfer patients, who administer therapies instead of nurses. Nurses with tears in their eyes because we can’t save everyone, and the vital parameters of several patients at the same time reveal an already marked destiny.”

Some of our colleagues who are infected also have infected relatives and some of their relatives are already struggling between life and death.